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tv   Headline News  RT  July 12, 2013 7:00am-7:45am EDT

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edward snowden has called a meeting at the most applewood he's been holed up in but bin laden himself expected to find any comment on america's global hunger for him. also civilians are breeding dogs pesos has a new report finding of american corporations are raking in millions by selling your data to a government agency. for green live pictures from egypt right now where rival crowds are encouraged to take to the streets all across the country i'd be the country remains bold but it's go time which some objections believe is playing into the. crowd and thousands of orange order members multiple small an island as police lined the streets of
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belfast to prevent tension borning of. international news live from moscow this is all see with me you national politics for joining us. after nearly three weeks in hiding edward snowden is fine and is set to speak out according to get a meeting with prominent russian on international human rights activists a new is the whistleblower in hiding is said to be a potent mosca where the conference has to take place and i was like to respond and irina going to reason that i have or has had a arena it's been expected for a while of course is there any reason to be excited now well absolutely because we were expecting the unexpected journalists have been camping out here for literally weeks and in fact there is an army of them right behind me i'm not sure if you can
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see it or not but obviously everybody's here hoping to catch a glimpse of snowden himself and perhaps those who are going to talk to him he has invited. number of representatives from the human rights organizations which are in moscow and some very problems high profile russian lawyers and of course. that some of them and very many were rather excited some of remained someone iffy on the prospect of meeting snowden. again your during your border yes i would times i have no questions that i want to ask mr snowden i'm not an expert on immigration or human rights in the united states i will go so that nobody thinks that human rights watch doesn't. of course of course snowden has been in the transfer zone reportedly in the chance they're one of most fishermen to the airport for almost three weeks at this point and of course the united states has literally started a manhunt for this for this man who could see what you could say is arguably on
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their remote most wanted list at least in the top three position and of course obviously blood that this is they're going to be this is going to be interesting because there is some speculation that some people are saying that he may ask for political asylum in russia but not ready done so and then with his request and u.s. really seems to stop at nothing to want to get their hands. snowden they have even grounded forcefully a plane. president who was on route from moscow to his home country because of some information that snowden reportedly apparently on the billion president's plane of course that was not the case and that raised a lot of eyebrows of world over and really made a lot of american leaders indignant and part of the reason why you snowden. has to be gathering this conference is because he says the u.s. is putting in danger lives of those who are flying kill latin american countries so
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really we're just hours away from a. conference no press was invited to try and do our best to get inside and bring you the latest as that happens when it happens all right. many thanks indeed. profit not patriotism may be driving the tonic home and ted johnson teaches he hasn't. run from microsoft to google it's a match that companies are raking in county by sending all declined a day to the government and it's. stumping up the money he's going to trick and has more now on the survey no surprise is. if you are a u.s. taxpayer whether or not you agree with the government's wholesale electronic snooping you are paying for it and you will probably never know how much exactly because for the covert world of its unaccountable spying activities the government has a black budget but some numbers or available they refer to law enforcement requests
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so according to last year's disclosures america's telecommunications giants build the government just as they build their clients we have some specifics for each wiretap eighteen thousand for example charges an activation fee of three hundred twenty five dollars plus ten dollars a day to maintain it rise then another telecommunications giant takes seven hundred seventy five dollars for for the first month and five hundred dollars each month after these numbers may not shock you into you learned that the average wiretap cost u.s. taxpayers fifty thousand dollars given the scope of surveillance that could amount to a lot of money but again these figures are based on disclosed data as we learned from a number of whistleblowers and not just edward snowden the u.s. national security agency operates under wraps under secret orders nobody knows how much exactly they spent to tap fiber optic cables or to collect data on americans
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and the rest of the world but we do know that the n.s.a. storage facility alone cost some one point seven billion dollars that the center in utah is capable of storing every e-mail voice mail and social media communication it can get its hands on the government is certainly very reluctant to discuss its snooping activities with the public they just repeat the mantra it's done to keep america safe but as americans learn more about the price they pay for the presumed safety they are becoming increasingly wary in the latest polls we see a significant shift in public opinion you see three years ago twenty five percent of americans thought that the government went too far in restricting civil liberties to. years later we see forty five percent of americans think so we see that with knowledge comes opposition how can you oppose something that you know nothing about right so perhaps not surprisingly the government is doing everything it can so that the public knows as little as possible about these programs in
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washington i'm going to check out. major targets of u.s. surveillance is one of its closest allies germany and left this conversation on snowden's future with paul humble and election candidate to form the alternative for germany party. mr hample thank you very much indeed for your time now so often more than a month of isolation snowden is finally speaking out do you think he's changing tactics. now actually first of all on the debate said that he has to invite to human rights activists to moscow and to discuss his problems and asking for help i expected much wards of thousands of people in the free world let's say in berlin in rome paris and london and new york and washington d.c. just you know we protest for each and every single each and every day but where are the sounds of people going on the road and just demonstrate again that what the u.s. government has done to the newsroom is this golden of the last two years that i was talking about he's leeks well do you make of the funk that
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a company as powerful as microsoft bent over backwards to appease u.s. intelligence. we expect that and you know the people in germany. as well as everywhere else in the world and they are communicating so openly so freely facebook via twitter and so on that they i think they are already aware that some people was buying into their programs but not in this big number is a nod to the big companies like microsoft cooperating with the u.s. government and the national security agency i think nobody nobody germany expected that in this number yeah but five hundred million german e-mails and calls are intercepted h.e.i. by the u.s. but isn't that a price worth paying for safety as chancellor merkel believes no not at all because you have mentioned the numbers what does that mean it means that the
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n.s.a. and they have by the way the right to do it in germany there is a special agreement after the wall came down with the full plans to treat you in germany that the americans can spy into the german systems and the government knows that so the german government did know as well so but however these big numbers five hundred billion informations day by day month by month you know that means that they copy each and every thing that means that they call peace specially the communication between the big companies and truly bought siemens mercy does have you ever been involved in terror attacks not at all so it is obvious that the american side tries to get informations on german business on the corporations on knowledge and so on and people already in germany see that quite clear especially dollar after mr snowden has opened his. door yeah you'll see what's on the money ties in surveillance i mean google might
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be out in cash by selling people's emails. sorry i don't get you. well tell you all sorts. paying money for surveillance i mean how does it sit with the that google might be earning cash by selling your emails were this is something that people did not exist. expected or i mean we know that you and you know it that they trick our e-mails in a certain way that they know what we buy what we like and so on and. facebook for example is doing that quads vavi i like it i don't like it but that they sell informations to other services and they earn money with it i mean this is disgusting and i think the people in germany did not expect that at all all right for harmful election candidate from the alternative for germany party mr hample thank you very much indeed for sharing your views with us. and if you want to find
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out just how far microsoft went to provide the government with access state's outlook and sky programs you can read the full article on r c dot com. and still to come in the program this hour the u.k.'s parliament is up in arms against lethal aid to the rebels in syria outsourcing the prime minister to seek its permission before taking any such decision as the infighting and made the syrian rebels worst. fears of imminent clashes are running high in egypt as friday saying mass rivals rival run is across the volatile state the muslim brotherhood and its supporters have vowed to protest until the ousted islamist president mohamed morsi is re-installed while the animal succumbed will be out celebrating the crew which unseated the elected leader but he's about sure reports now the downside getting stronger over the military's
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ability to handle the transition properly. this is the moment that egypt found the muslim brotherhood president mohamed morsi had been ousted. erupted in the chant of the army and the people of one hand chief of the armed forces defense minister abdul fatah sisi became the hero of the moment however after clashes between morsy supporters and the army left over fifty people dead just days after a new interim president had been sworn in some began to fear the army would wrestle power from civilians and rule with a heavy hand why is the army in disguise making a hard stand interfering in politics but they're not really helping civilians on the ground and then you see something like the massacre by the presidential guard club and what happened even if it was muslim brotherhood who started this at the end of the day there is a human rights violation which is massive and severe because if you are going to shoot people who are trying to get into
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a building of that. since you don't actually shoot to kill chips in n.g.o.s maintain the military had a terrible human rights record during their last period of rule after the ouster of hosni mubarak they were involved in killing protesters that was the accountability for any of the military crimes they torture protesters they arrested they also tried to restrict freedom of expression and most of all they really monopolize this issue making power i mean they wrote the road map at the time the military for their parts promised in a number of televised press conferences that they were not interested in politics or reeling and instead system the country's movements towards civilian democracy. in armed forces have issued more than one statement saying we want a real democracy in the country. the new president doesn't have enough experience with the political situation in egypt so the military is merely supporting him in the way the muslim brotherhood attacked the military which was defending itself its
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offices and the institution. as the chance of those on the square behind me indicates people turn to the army in moments of on rest the military is the real power base here in egypt every one of the country's president has hailed from the armed forces except for mohamed morsi he was ousted after just one year in office but apart from military money and political clout they also have significant economic interests owning several business monopolies and factories as one of the only functioning state institutions at the moment and with little civilian alternative to mostly am just musing brotherhoods many people fear that the army whether it wants to or not once again run the country. true r.t. . and to talk more on the take care of the gyptian revolution and to talk to talk more about egypt rather i should say that his asia times correspondent pepe escobar he's been following the story
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closely of course. very well welcome to the program so now we're having to rival camps running across egypt today where is the situation heading is it to early to talk about the dangerous prospects of a civil standoff definitely and its own good believe to delimit. basic the absolute basic egypt cannot feed itself they have annual deficit of over twenty billion dollars before that we had the amir of qatar right and the czechs now we're going to have saudi arabia and the emirates write checks if they need any of course they do the i.m.f. is going to be about that three or four billion max we should have you negotiate for almost any year it's not enough so interesting is going to explode all over again in the street for five six months before the end of the year in fact what do
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we see now is not a sequel actually what's going to happen in six months we still have the same problem it did muslim brotherhood was there will be economically this new go where he's going to be a liberal as well you have to you know completely reorganize the egyptian a system upside down it's impossible because they cannot keep themselves they cannot earn money from any saying they don't produce anything that the rest of the world wants to buy except sally their tourist assets there and all tourists surely back egypt specially now after the cool bed is not a cool according to obama who has three suits at that end and situation is far from stable by a lot should be done to avoid the one asked k. for now we have. look at the worst case scenario is already being as it was put in movement after disco which was not
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a cool we can see that cool as a sort of preemptive military coup that in effect this supreme council of the armed forces is back in power just like there were in the immediate boss mubarak so we have the old system again this people have been culturally egypt for the best sixty years they don't have new ideas people who have you ideas with the egyptian google generation some of the last the so forcefully called for those massive protests cubase will go but they're not going to be part of the solution they're not going to be offering their solutions for the people who will be governing egypt from now want which is the same old game. what's ahead of the head not from the last say and now we see allegations popping out that taya scapes from prison two years ago with help from hamas. look i and i hamas in fact.
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not only in egypt but in syria their popularity let's put it this way would be are not going very well in fact that a lot of people are saying that hamas in fact be traits area. because it's got there michel by the way he is in doha us he's very friendly with you and you old boy if you're all scots are so a lot of people in the middle east are they to look at this and be repulsed the exact s. for the muslim brotherhood for the all because the yeah trying to reorganize their forces now they see it as a step back but this setback is off you need to it's going to be transferred to syria as well where. it wests as a whole specially the that's good also the saudis are sinking well we don't want a muslim brother who was a foreigner if ever we get to that place we're going to find they're going to be
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marginalized in syria as well so all over to be the least seventy see how seems can change in america's history over for weeks. just about anywhere. that was unsinkable a month ago. asia times correspondent pat to ask about peppa many thanks indeed thank you very much. and later today crosstalk oh she's peaceful of alan he's gassed look at the way egypt is going post and one of the rule of law has been diminished within the hour wild and he is also ahead next. when i get like you see two to one up the lies that all of you and seek to implement that apply on the population was all of much diplomacy without much give and take as what's happening as we've seen with president former president morsi this would be the final outcome more than expected consequences of that model see not what are
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you going to tell you but what that will do you know i'm not a dialogue why not wait until the next election to voted out of office if that's the case. and also and go to the u.k. parliaments latest move all needful age to seaward rebels as well as the annual united in milton island after a very short break to stay with us. but i'll talk about language as well but i will only react to situations i have read the reports but i'm not pushing the know i will leave them to the state department to comment on your latter point to say. to carry out a car is on the job here no going to. take you no more weasel. when you say to direct question be prepared for
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a change when you when you should be ready for a. critical speech a little down to freedom to watch. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are. line from moscow welcomed by britain's parliament has overwhelmingly by a motion requiring the prime minister to seek its explicit consent for any decision
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to provide lethal assistance to the syrian rebels unless discounts or that means for the u.k.'s policies towards the conflict and talk live to politico writer john why and in edinburgh mr white welcome to the program great to see you how much will this decision complicate the starting weapon supplies to the rebels well this will complicate it very much this is a political victory for the forces of present insanity when it comes to this issue even though we do have to be careful because we have not yet received confirmation that the prime minister will be bound by such a bore but regardless this makes it much more difficult for him to supply your position and sharable weapons yes but a free syrian army command has today been killed biological rebels while negotiation on how important weapons will be distributed this doesn't look like the opposition is controlling the situation does it. you're not old i mean what we're
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seeing in syria is involved wing of the opposition and it's increasingly even discredited claims by morgan he and eve are common and hawks in washington that has such a thing as. a more than a or position the opposition is a whole legal bunch of groups most of them how kidda affiliates we know that there's an arm for three thousand foreign jihadists in the country who are in pain and coming syria into a killing field as the out of the entire region so this is no longer about trying to support forces who are looking to establish a democracy form cool in syria is trying to resist. when they're not cutting open their chests of dead syrian soldiers and removing the hops and lungs of the head and catholic priests or killers playing fourteen year old boys for the crap anymore blasphemy to the evidence. there's always been in fighting i made opposition movements and yet it's been limited to local clashes now there's about
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to kill all at the sake of mondas both the reason for this escalation. well on the ground obviously there's been a struggle between the jihad those who are increasingly are we under importance in the conflict and forces such as they see who are who are homegrown rebel forces but it seems that we still front the i mean you have the economy in the country is increasingly. to the detriment of the f.e.c. but that's not forget it was an. open a chest of a. couple of months ago so the idea that there's a war going to opposition in syria is increasingly untenable. yes and there are reports that u.k. spy chief says saying syrian chemical weapons will go to terrorist groups and become a catastrophe should assad full will that report affect big government's policies on the conflict it will i mean david cameron will be going he's going to basically i salute you in this you know before go on. his own party the conservatives. want
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you to establish the directors the parliament before the supply so this is very significant so he does not have the support of example if there are rumors that the fortunes of the same company or government so this can only fuel the political solution to the desire to have the facility to supply the position with weapons. rights but its rights thank you very much indeed for sharing it. on our website call now the writings on the wall floyd chairman also as to his message projected on the u.s. embassy has landed him in major trouble with police and don't so mind for you. the man here rick still to prevent a natural disaster a colorado fama takes that fine line just a piece of feed from a school change delays and of course failed check on their breath taking.
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the orange orders major procession in belfast has finished peacefully six hundred extra officers were brought in to bolster police in the city and they're still on hand in case tensions boil over later today the marches route has been shortened this year with a ban on an evening walk through a secretary in flashpoint unitas leaders have expressed outrage at the decision but have promised to keep any protests peaceful stafford isn't about falls with more for. this parade takes place annually and considered one of the most controversial of the unionist orange orders marching season this year there's been some contention over who now normally the parade would pass the arguing stops that's considered a flashpoint seren is actually about so you hundred meters up the road from where
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i'm standing now that's the area we're in the past we've seen tensions flare up in some violence breaking out between the unionists in the nationalist community lives that we've heard the orange order saying that there would be some protests in the coming days although they did say that their intention was for those to be peaceful of course so that has caused some concern that perhaps that statement from the orange order an indication that we could see some destruction later on today. and it with me now to look close said the man she is today's she's i have a cross high diver so you had larry so what is so much tension around today's mansions well today's march in particular the march in belfast was being seen as a flashpoint or a potential flashpoint because the loyalist community has felt particularly aggrieved by a couple of things that have happened this year one was the restrictions placed on
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flying the union jack over belfast city hall that sparked riots that we reported on earlier on in the year and secondly the parades commission which decides which roads the orange order is allowed march which it's not was seen to have place a reasonably restrictive order on the orange order right about this morning's march and people expected there to be a lot of tension but the good news is. that the march has passed over reasonably peacefully although i have to say north northern irish society is a very unusual place in which to operate it's a place where we're near of peace has been has been placed upon the society and there's it's very very hard to tell what's beneath the surface and what might happen later on today can you explain to us what the orange order aides who are those people right they are and yeah ok orange order one o one one called the orange order is a society
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a protestant society for protestants that celebrates protestant is a particularly it's it it was founded and. in the united century in northern ireland is an integral part of some elements of the british empire it celebrates. the marches that we're seeing right now celebrating victory of king one of the new the william of orange over king james in sixty ninety this is an enormous issue that's now however what's more interesting is that if you look at the orange order particularly in the last forty years or. what they called the troubles in northern ireland since perhaps one hundred sixty nine one hundred seventy the orange order became integral to what many saw during the seventy's and eighty's in northern ireland as an apartheid state a state in which catholics were systematically discriminated against by a protestant majority unopposed and elite they had very close connections to the security forces we're now seeing for example david cameron has been part of been
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part of an inquiry which is exposed or has headed an element which is exposed orange order links to the are you see the walls are constabulary and the old police force which worked with loyalist paramilitaries in the seventy's and eighty's to murder catholics so the order itself is a very very controversial part of the post peace process while it's of peace process northern irish society. and i think it's it's it goes its controversial nature derives from that element that people see it as part of a lease of society that discriminated against catholics and that's explains why we're seeing so much tension around the marches today so what can we expect from today it's hard to say right now very hard to say i think the. in my opinion it's good news that the the march past all reason we peacefully today has
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gone off i think that would have set a precedent and we could have seen violence spreading across the province of northern ireland throughout the day however there's two elements that need to be considered here one is the sunshine it's unbearable hot in northern ireland the irish don't like he'd tell you that it's about thirty degrees there today it's roasting and there's going to be quite a lot of alcohol consumed during the day so. it's expected that despite the festivities that will take place during the day and hopefully they'll be no more violence at the marches it is expected street clashes may take place later on in the evening one some of the elements of the community's got to stop in and get out on what the so-called peace lines wait and see than i've read many thanks a lot explaining to thank you and stay with us for more news after a very short break.
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many in latin america are furious with the forced grounding of bolivia's president evo morales is playing in austria and even twelve nations in latin america are coming together to discuss the consequences of the event the plane was forced to the ground while flying over the e.u. because it was believed that that sneaky snowden was hiding on board trying to get to asylum in bolivia and beyond some might say that this is no big deal so president of some contra since he had a delayed flight for a few hours things happen man plus you've got to get that still guy at all costs right well one may have delayed flight is another man's imperial skyjacking you see the countries of latin america have a common history as being on the bad end of brutal western european imperialism and when the president of a former colony could just be abducted at the will of the you would have his plane search it sure makes you feel like you're still under the lash of foreign control doesn't it do you think for a moment that any e.u.
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officials who are so willing to groan morales would dare to do the same thing air force one i don't think so morose clearly was treated like some sort of second class president and despite this insult they didn't even catch odin this is what i call a double fail but that's just my opinion. this isn't céline from moscow welcome by now not an economic malaise and scrambling to raise money to bring down a deficit the french government has again turned to tuxes to get its economy back on track i'm sure host of increases this year and the finance minister has refused to rule out more hikes in twenty five say but as else he's maria cino sure it falls they have a burden. it's pushing independent businesses to the brink of bankruptcy. it's
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that's half the time of slashed prices in the stores of paris but behind some of the red cross tags there are said stories for pascal whose flour and good chop has been in business for twenty five years it's a closing down sale for many months the taxes he pays have been eaten up all his profit he simply doesn't make money any more. they don't understand that we small businessmen at the engines and guarantors of the country's development and they are stifling us i can't afford starr and i do all the work myself for twelve hours a day but that isn't enough. to businessmen from china and the arab world have already responded to his almost two hundred thousand to your offer to sell out the skull is not surprised at the lack of domestic interest french pockets he says are empty. it's a dramatic situation the same as in greece spain italy unemployment is soaring.
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just around the corner mario a pizza restaurant owner puts on his apron and heads to the kitchen his still hopes he can save his business and avoid so in up. we are charged too much i pay around sixty five percent of what i earn but i also have to pay my staff and i need to buy produce this means i affected are nothing. slash in public spending and hike in texas while introducing new taxes as well was part of the socialist governments and to crisis strategy when it came to power loss here and it seems of treatment has had the opposite of the desired effect there we are suffering more and more taxes more and more relation and more and more uncertainty for the building all of the there will be are treated for type one to do next year maybe the next month or so it's very difficult for them to to plant your activity to to
7:36 am
plan what they have to do what they have to invest so that the we have no investment we have no problem with this we have a president we are not sure you know consumers to purchase more and more and said no we're. another tax lawyer the most so tough to specialists these days says that businessmen a constantly in defensive mode and that this stops them from developing and advance in the economy. some thirty years ago there were many small businesses from paris and they punctured wells but now they've disappeared that means no more production and people that used to work there are most likely unemployed you know it's a dramatic situation. some say things could become even more dramatic very soon september's the month when the french return from their vacations and realize that they've spent all their money and it's also time for them to feeling that tax to corrections public anxiety is growing on a such
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a burden to many here believe that if things keep going base way anger could soon manifest itself on the streets or even not seen from paris. and now for some international news in brief this hour in brazil clutches have woken out between protesters and police in a number of regions following a one day nationwide general strike the action was called to capitalize on a wave of mass demonstrations last month over poverty levels and working conditions the speed at which that protest spread forced the government to announce a referendum on political reforms. rising also erupted in the chilean capital santiago on a similar day of protests called by the country's biggest union almost seventy people were arrested and six injured during the demonstration for labor reforms working conditions are shaping up to be one of the major issues an election to be held in four months time. in indonesia at least five
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prisoners have been killed in a mass jailbreak in which two hundred inmates escaped a huge police manhunt is underway fishel say the riots may have been triggered by anger at poor conditions which include for lack of power blackouts and water shortages fires were started and fifteen prison guards taken hostage during the violence is thought some of the prisoners were suspected terrorists or young people . dozens of oxer is have interrupted a session in this portuguese parliament angry of the government handling of the financial prices they threw a yellow and red confetti at and peas a symbol of criticism used in sporting abounds before being escorted out by police the ruling government has come close to collapsing after ten days of political deadlock over how to pay back its heavy debt burden. it was a confrontation that turned the tide in world war two and one of the largest town battles in history about one hundred russian and german vehicles clash from dawn to
7:39 am
dusk eventually halting the nonsense sold on the soviet union seventy years on come and ration are underway at the scene of the epic engagement with memorial events planned throughout the day he is dumbarton looks now back at history and how it's being remembered now. seventy years ago this area and hundreds of kilometers around it would have been full of sites like this it was some one thousand nine hundred forty three the site of hitler's last great offensive on these fronts. millions of men and thousands of tanks and guns turned this whole area into a giant military camp as these reactors were trying to show attacking from the north and south the germans wanted to trap soviet forces and destroy them they breached the road on these three main defensive belts but met with for russia's resistance after a week of fighting many of the german forces when exhaustion it was at that point
7:40 am
that perhaps the battles most iconic moment came here on the fields around the village of profit off a german tank formation and a soviet one ran headlong into each other the ensuing battle raged for hours amid the chaos tanks rammed each other firing at point blank range and men screamed as they burned alive inside their vehicles thousands died on that day but it was perhaps the last attempt of the germans to assault the soviet positions even today bullets shells and metal debris from the battle of being found in the surrounding fields and woods the numbers of those directly involved in the battle is dwindling but only they like ninety year old abrams ski can remember the true horror of it all. there were moments when trunks were simply ramming each other one and top of another everything was burning nothing like this is ever happened in the history of mankind. shortly after that the germans called off their attack and began to lose
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territory the red army had finally beaten the germans at their own game in a large summer offensive there would be no more great german attacks on the eastern front. stay with us next to the latest chariot seek a shower with danielle. i'm not used to the tundra to freedom i am my dear. oh. in second grade i ran away from the boarding school with to my friends will be around to the tundra. place the tundra is just miskito that's practically i don't know how people can live there to get in there no t.v.'s in the tenth how can i send my child to boarding school i won't be able to sleep at night after that. they enter
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a life without knowledge of how to do basic things is that they don't get that in school. i. i. took a right to see kids first street. and i would think the church. on our reporters twitter. and instagram. live. to be in the next slow down long it. took
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a mission and free accreditation free coupons for charges free. range month three kids three stooges free ok done a free broadcast live video for your media projects free media oh god r t dot com. when i've done your bushel people big take because the movement gains ground coming up ways to stop surveillance as the n.s.a. scandal broke. the u.n.
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human rights wrapper to tells us israel is quote genocidal. and why the answer to nineteen eighty-four could be seventeen somebody say. brought the pony called to luci creek they were present. when they found product fundamentally wrong they simply point call to the. independent they've been truly called to lead you no one will the major problem the right thing came from the public. schools of july recess to the fool for cool fifty fifty is cool to bring back the fulfillment of the constitution three days five hundred thousand people have written to congress approved.